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    Poll 2.5T Coolant Leak/Engine Replacement

    I’m genuinely happy to hear you were able to receive a more favorable outcome. Thank you for reporting your circumstances! Thank you for updating us. Best wishes
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    Poll 2.5T Coolant Leak/Engine Replacement

    Definitely hate to hear someone else is dealing with this. Please remember to report your situation to the NHTSA. Here’s the thread below: Thread '2.5T Cracked Cylinder Head/Leaking Coolant Report to the NHTSA'...
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    2.5T Cracked Cylinder Head/Leaking Coolant Report to the NHTSA

    The cracking cylinder head, leaking coolant, and various engine failures in 2.5T engines are problems that are being reported by owners of the 2016 model year and later. Some are getting their engines replaced both within and outside of their warranty expiration date. While others are not. If...
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    2016 CX-9 Signature leaking coolant

    Currently, it’s just over 60k. But, it likely happened before, and wasn’t discovered until later. Thank you for your support.
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    2016 CX-9 Signature leaking coolant

    Thank you for your feedback.
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    2016 CX-9 Signature leaking coolant

    That's fantastic! I'm genuinely glad it worked out favorably for you. Who was your dealer? My dealer was kind enough to offer a loaner while we awaited a decision from Mazda. After about a month of waiting, their patience and kindness ran out. The dealer claimed that Mazda asked them to...
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    2016 CX-9 Signature leaking coolant

    The dealer said, based on what he discovered it’s been going on for a while. However, it never ran hot. I constantly watch my needles. Still, apparently the dealer discovered it this most recent visit.
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    2016 CX-9 Signature leaking coolant

    This is my first Mazda. It seems to be well put together. I’ve kept it very well maintained. Sadly, it seems like we are experiencing the same issue. I’m confident Mazda will live up to their Brand reputation. I’ll keep posted.
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    JB4 Mazda 2.5T Development

    I’ve been patiently waiting since 2016. Best wishes on you all’s progress.
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    22X10.5 wheel with 40 offset?

    Thank you for your insight. I once had some Delinte tires. It felt like I was riding on PowerWheels tires! I took them off as soon as I could.
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    22X10.5 wheel with 40 offset?

    I’m interested to hear what your experience has been like with the Scorpian Verde, over your previous tires. If you’d be so kind to share.
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    Anyone Here Get Their 2.5T Tuned Yet?

    Definitely interested!
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    2016+ CX-9 Bumper Removal

    Hi Altee1106, Thank you for providing the front bumper removal instructions. Do you by chance have any information on removing the rear bumper? Thanks in advance
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    2016 CX-9 Factory Wheel/Tire Weight

    Yokohama Geolander GO56B P255/60 R18 107H(130 mph) Treadwear: 280 Traction: B Tire weight = 35lbs-36lbs Calculated 18 rim weight = 29.8 Overall actual weight with rim = 64.8lbs
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    2016 CX-9 Azami on Vossen 22"

    Another, seemingly, nice wheel fitment tool is found here: It is very detailed. Providing a visual representation of what you might expect, if you're considering altering your wheel/tire size, offset, etc. Please be advised, I am in...