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    Need help with front sway bar bushing (2015 Mazda6)

    Loosening the front sub-frame mounts and dropping the rear mounts will probably give you enough room to lower the rear of the subframe and undo the sway bar brackets and slide the bar out the end. Mazda 6 Service Manual: Front crossmember removal/installation Mazda 6...
  2. DrFeelGood

    2006 Mazda6 Diesel cranks but won’t start

    Loosing power while in motion is never good...Exciting but not good. Glad you figured it out.
  3. DrFeelGood

    2007 Mazda6 (1.8) 5speed Manual - High revs? 6speed swap?

    The 6speed does not really change your final drive ratio much at all in this car unfortunately. It mostly just adds another gear to shorten your intervals between 1-5. 3000RPM @ 100kph is fairly annoying but I believe Mazdas purpose was to prevent smaller displacement engines from lugging. You...
  4. DrFeelGood

    What have you done to your Mazda6 today?

    I replaced the aftermarket JDM corner tail lens with a new old stock I ordered from a dealer in Latvia. It was collecting water and turning into a fish tank. That Latvian dealer sent me what has to be the best packed package I have ever received!
  5. DrFeelGood

    22" wheels on Mazda6, yay or nay?

    Looks good...Maybe a set of curb feelers in your future though?
  6. DrFeelGood

    2002-2007 Mazda6 Wiring Diagram Book

    Thanks for the link. Keep in mind this is for Japanese Market (VIN = JMZ-) and there are variations between USDM models (esp. 2003-2005).
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    Paint Chipping - touch up pen?

    I have used the touch-up pen with excellent results. I use A2N "Performance White" and the pen allows you to squeeze the container in order to add a larger bleb or even to be used with the tip pointed up. Get it.
  8. DrFeelGood

    Mazda6s Body Repair Help

    The hoods from 2003-2008 will all fit. Those hoods include 4cyl, 6cyl and turbo.
  9. DrFeelGood

    Full Test Fit of MV Tuning Bodykit for 3rd Gen Mazda6!

    Looks good over here as well.
  10. DrFeelGood

    Upgrading my 2019 Grand Touring with Active Driving Display

    Can't wait to see if it works.
  11. DrFeelGood

    05 Mazda6 GT wagon

    Where here from time to time. I think I responded on the other forum.
  12. DrFeelGood

    New battery at 4 yrs 41k miles???

    The battery in my 2004 only lasts about 2yrs. The temperature under the hood of that thing is impressive.
  13. DrFeelGood

    Mazda Still Using Ford Brakes?

    Just have them machined "turned". They are $15 ea and you should be able to do it 2 or 3 times at least.
  14. DrFeelGood

    Wheel bearing

    The control arms generally last 100,000mi but can be had for pretty cheap and are not hard to replace. Catalytic failure is present in the 03-07 v6 cars due to a misfire of the COP. When left uncorrected it destroys the precat and this can be sucked back into the engine causing massive oil...