Things I noticed in the CX-30


2020 Mazda6 2.5T
My 2020 Mazda6 is in the shop for warranty work for a week (they took it apart only to find they ordered the wrong parts and now have to wait for them to come in) so I got a loaner base model CX-30.

It rides fine. Things I did notice that as a new car buyer I might not have, that are different than the 6 (I’d figure they’d be pretty close) were the EPB engages automatically when you put the car in park and shut it off. You need to manually disengage it after startup. No biggie; but I park in my garage so usually don’t use the EPB. Also, the headlight switch on the stalk is spring loaded from the OFF position, so you can turn them off, but it repositions back to AUTO, so on the next drive cycle it’s in AUTO again. The DRL’s default to on, but when I pull in the garage, the headlights go on (thinking it’s dusk) and then I shut the car down. In the 6, OFF is just another click position so it stays there. Lastly, and really annoying to me, is when I got the seat positioned just right, the instrument panel plastic face is angled just right, so it reflects upward and I get a band of glare from straight up through the windshield.

Funny story I’m sure we’ve all had with loaner/rental cars: went to put gas in it and looked for the gas cover release. I’m looking by the seat, lower dash, rocker panel area, go out and feel for a lip on the cover, etc. Finally figured out its a push to open/close latch. The guy at the next pump was kinda chuckling to himself.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the CX-30 and how it compares to a 2020 Mazda6. I'm sure it will be useful for others to know and the story was fun as well, I've definitely been there! 😁