Roof Rack ( canoes and yaks )

I have a 2005 Subaru Outback that I use these on the factory elevated roof rails

I like this for cartopping two canoes side by side flat or one wide fishing kayak. I have two different length flat bars ( one for when I haul one canoe/kayak and one longer one for when hauling two solo canoes for when I go with a friend.) I can take them off or put them on in less than five minutes and they are rock solid. It's nice so I can take them off when not needed avoiding wind noise, drag on gas mileage and banging my head into them getting out of the car.

The factory crossbars are not going to work for me given they are not wide enough for two boats and I don't want any kind of semi-permanent towers up there all month when I only need to car top the boats once or twice a month.

Is there an aftermarket roof rail that is raised like the older CX-5's had that would fit on a 2020 model that would allow me to keep using what works?

I do this for fishing rivers and my wife is pretty serious about me getting the crossbars off when I return "her" car and I want it to be an easy un-install. A small trailer is a problem for a lot of the places I have to park the car fishing.

I really want to buy a new CX-5 but this is very limiting for what we can use the car for.
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How on earth do you plan to get one on your roof???



Joking aside, can we get some additional helpful responses in here please...I'm sure other people have wondered the same thing, thanks!

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Need crossbars wider than factory roof rails. This was easy with older style raised , ventilated roof rails. The new rails are pretty much worthless unless someone makes a work around.
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OP...I used the Malone Stax Pro2 Kayak racks for carrying two 12’ kayaks on my GTI factory crossbars. They worked great, but you do have to mount the boats on their side. Might be worth checking out when you need to carry two yaks.
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I'd refer to this thread. I used it to put on Aerobars to my roof and they work quite well. Longer crossbars are definitely do-able with the fixed points and taking them off and reinstalling is pretty easy since you can take the whole assembly off as a single piece after the initial installation.



Yakima makes one that will fit on Mazda flush mounted rails and you can use long crossbars.