2017~2022 Roof Racks: Aftermarket Rails, Yakima/Thule Bars and Crossbar Spread

Curious if anyone has setup Yakima or Thule crossbars on aftermarket roof rails on their CX-5? I was hoping to go with some black roof rails, but want to put long cross bars from Yakima or Thule on to carry two canoes or kayaks.

Also, has anyone drilled holes in their roof rails to change the spread of the crossbars? The OEM fixed points are way too close together for any stability with longer boats!
2019 CX-5 GTR
not directly an answer but some related conversation:
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I have aftermarket rails that look to be the same (except mine are silver) and am very happy with the build and fit.

HOWEVER, someone posted on here about getting aftermarket crossbars and they collapsed on him, even though (he said) the weight on them was under the amount they were advertised at. So caveat emptor.