MV Tuning Rear Diffuser Install On 2015 Mazda6!


ABC Garage
2015 Mazda6 Sport
Got a special one for you guys today, the MV Tuning Rear Diffuser install! Special thanks to MV Tuning & anotherslow6 for making this collaboration/video possible :)! The MV Tuning rear diffuser requires cutting the OEM rear bumper and wiring for the light, but other than that the installation is pretty straightforward. Let us know if you like the new rear end look for the Mazda 6. Also, if you want MV Tuning parts mention my channel “ABC Garage” and they may give you discount ;)



Work In Progress..
'18 CX-9 Signature
Very clean install! Love the care and attention to detail that went into prepping the bumper and diffuser for the install. I'm guessing the triangular light is wired to come on with the brake lights?

It really makes the rear end on the 6 look more aggressive! Blacking out the chrome trim would take it a step further. Any reason you didn't paint the diffuser before install? A gloss black diffuser with blacked out chrome trim would look killer!