Upgrade backup camera? 2016 CX-5 GT

I own a 2016 CX-5 GT and the Backup / Rear View camera is not great. I travel a lot and these new cars have much better cameras. At least at night, the image quality seems better compared to my Mazda back home.

I would like to ask if it is possible to buy a newer camera and install in my older car.
Is the camera from a 2023/2024 CX-5 compatible with the 2016 model? anyone can recommend a part number (P/N) and vendor?

I agree. The resolution of it is sub-par.
From my '14 Mazda3 -> '16 Mazda6 -> '17 CX-5 -> '22 CX-5, the resolution of backup camera gets better and better.

Hard to answer your question unless someone actually tries it to be sure.
I would guess that software has something to do (the software-driver) it also. Not a pure hardware issue. Again, not sure.
the infotainment screen is old. Mazda used 2011 tech :( This is not luxury car like Audi or BMW
Well, I know for a fact that the camera in our 2014 is just a simple camera with video and power connections. I reused mine when I swapped the head unit to a Kenwood. I only had to add a 12V to 6V converter for the power (I did a mod thread on it somewhere here).

For our 2019 CX-5, I cannot state that definitively, but looking at the factory wiring diagrams I have I'm 95% sure it's the same. Only power and video connections are shown on the diagrams.

Thus, there is no "software" or canbus stuff to worry about. However, there may be an issue with the supply voltage. As I said, the 2014 camera used 6v supply. There is no indication on my wiring sheet of what voltage the 2019 camera uses.
Interesting. If it is an Analog signal, it may be possible to upgrade.
I'm boo busy right now to start a new project, unless I knew for sure which part to buy and install.