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Ok, so I went to my dealer and asked them to order me touch up paint for my ding...but they couldn't find the parts number or anything. Does anyone know of a place I can get our yellow (exact match) online?
Some people just are DUMB! Look on the driver side front door jam, look on the sticker/decal and there will be a paint code. That is what all car companys go by.


find a new dealer....I have a blue one...and it took my dealer two months to get some.


2001 Mazda Protege MP3
wow...took 2 weeks to get mine
only because the one they sent the week before was the wrong color.
you know since all paint codes are the same i think you can pretty much go anyhere for touch up


Well no chips yet(knock on wood), but after hearing it may take awhile to come in, I'll go order the touch up paint asap.


Go to an autobody shop. They can probably get it faster than anyone. I just had my blue MP3 fixed from a crash and they had it painted within a week and it was a perfect match.


The best way to get paint for your car is to go to an automotive paint store and order a color match with the color code that was on the door jam of your car.

In Canada, I buy my paint at CAR QUEST. Many auto parts store sell paint. They can even prepare a color match paint in spray can. Don't try to buy your paint at the dealer. The dealer and the autobody shop order their paint in automotive paint store too!!!

Btw, I do airbrush painting on helmets, motorcycles and cars, so I know a little bit about paint! ;)

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