Screen stuck on reboot

Hello everybody, i’m hoping somebody has an answer on how I can fix this because it’s extremely frustrating. I purchased a 2018 Mazda from the dealer a few months ago. I did not get the computer warranty which now I understand why they were pushing me to get it.

The car has a lot of issues that did not get fixed prior to them selling one of which is the tablet screen.
It is always stuck on the reboot screen with the Mazda logo. Bluetooth also does not work. The chargers do not work to charge tablets or cell phones.

I have tried pressing the three buttons to reboot, I have disconnected the battery and turned it back on and still it does not work.

Are there any things that I can try to get it to start?
Or is there a way that I can replace the computer system without paying $1800 to the dealer?
Thank you and I appreciate all the advice!!


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2018 CX-9 GT
Was the issue present before you bought the car ?

While the whole module may need to be replaced for 1800$, it could also be solved by reinstalling the software or it fixing a loose cable connection. I am also wondering if a bad USB module could cause the hung up (that would also explain the usb port not charging).

The previous owner may have done the apple carplay upgrade by himself and used a cheap knock off usb module which is now failing. (If the apple carplay upgrade has been done.).

Personally i would go back to the dealer and complain and ask then to diagnose the problem for free. Or if that dealer is bad and they sold you the car with the screen not working then to a more reputable dealer and pay for the diagnostic. Once the problem is diagnosed at least you will know the issue and may be able to get it fixed yourself or somewhere else for cheaper.

I am not an expert but i think a bad usb module may be the culprit. Those are not really that expensive to replace, but i wouldn’t want to start replacing parts without some confidence on the source of the problem.

There may also be a fuse that could be checked for the usb charger, but i am not sure about that.
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This is a known problem with some Mazda infotainment systems. The CMU (connectivity master unit) fails and gets stuck in that reboot loop. See if the dealership can reboot it and upload the latest factory software. If that doesn’t work, it will have to be replaced.

This just happened to my brother’s 2016 6. Luckily we found one on eBay for a few hundred. Replaced it ourselves and it’s been good to go.