Saturday, May 1st - Cape Cod Run 2010

Antoine posted this in the Photo thread....I just had to copy it here. LMFAO!

"Dude...It's totally over between us..." :p

Welcome aboard guys! I keep telling people from the RX-8 Club they should join up with NEPOC. We always have fun. Check the meet/event schedule thread often.
Yaaaaaaaaaaay another WB!! :) I won't be alone any more! We're so out numbered..
Haha yeah I was surprised there were only two of us with WB, kind of nice tho lol they sort of stand out
Thanks Dan! Yeah my 8 has a few but nothing major and is need of some moore mods, I'm thinking exhaust is next? Just spent a ton on the last batch of mods tho so it might have to wait haha
Finally another RX-8 owner that I know on Cape Cod. Lol! Hit me up anytime Nick. I have a fairly decent amount of RX-8 knowledge. ;)
LOL I was posting that from my phone while I was at work, I didn't know the smiley was animated it just looked like a thumbs up. But you get what I meant (2thumbs)
Same here! Had a great time and decided to join the forum :) that was the first meet I've ever been to and it was a lot of fun. I set off my car's alarm by accident when we were at the dealership (bang)

oh, you were the one!!! haha...nice entrance! jk, welcome man!