Question on 2014 CX-9 Touring - Buy or Pass?

Hello forum members:
Hope you all are doing well. My first post here. I am looking for some sage advice on 2014 CX9 touring. I have been searching for a good reliable car within my budget (15K) for some time. Carvana got my attention for the 2014 CX9 touring with 116K miles, which they are offering for 13,590 dollars plus title and registration. One of my friend mentioned about the water pump issue with the Gen 1 CX9 (2009 - 2015). Researched a bit and learned that it could happen any time. What I would like to understand - what are the stats for this issue like how many CX9 had this issue (if we have those numbers). I am really thinking of passing this car because of this issue as if it happens, it would be a costly repair.

Would appreciate your advice if I should keep searching for other cars. I used to drive 2014 Honda CRV (bought on carvana) before moving out of states couple of years back. It was very reliable car with no issues whatsoever. Now, I am back to the states and want to try mazda but scared about the water pump issue. Should I go back to CRV?

Below are the car details -
  • Miles - 116,739
  • Price - $13,590
  • Towing receiver hitch class II
  • Blind spot sensors
  • Parking assistance
  • Hands free calling and rear view camera
  • Heated seats
Our CX-9 has 214k miles, and hasn't had any water pump or cooling issues. I would be more concerned with the transfer case, if its an AWD model.
All vehicles have their Achilles Heel but the water pump in that vintage of CX-9 is bigger than most in terms of cost of repair. I would skip on it and look for something else.
IMO, unless you need the size and utility of the CX-9, the 2014-16.5 CX-5 has a better track record for reliability. Not to say that the CX-9 won't be reliable, its just that the CX-5 is much more common and still has fewer reports of major problems like engine or transmission issues. The CX-5 will also be a bit cheaper, leaving you with a cushion or nest egg for "insurance".
Good call unless you could get a very reasonably priced extended service contract for the car. The problem with the water pump on that Ford engine isn't the pump...they'll fail on any car. The problems are that the engine needs to be pulled to change the water pump, and when the pump leaks it leaks the coolant into the engine, if not caught soon it'll contaminate the oil, and the engine is destroyed.