New to the P5 family

Just bought an 03 Protege5 to play with. The A/C compressor seized so I bypassed it with a DAYCO belt and I’m planning on deleting the A/C system and muffler. I don’t have a bunch of money so it will be a slow build. I’d love some ideas, pointers, etc. to make this a bit easier and more fun. Please no negativity or arguments. If you disagree with someone’s idea please say why but don’t start arguing back and forth.


Welcome and thanks for joining up @RedtheWolf! No worries about negativity here, our motto is "Fun, Friendly and Informative" and that's what we're all about...The Protege5 Community here is fantastic, you're in good hands...If possible, please keep us updated on your build and enjoy the Forum! 😁
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Make friends with search function to find out anything you are curious about...It has no opinion about whatever you are wanting to do therefore argument free.
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Cool! :cool: Welcome - I've been here while working on fixing up my son's $750 P5 for him for the last couple of months.

Good people here with lots of knowledge. I've learned a LOT about P5s!
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Gidday! Welcome to the P5 club! These are brilliant little cars that respond really well to little mods, enjoy the ride!
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