Neutral saftey switch



I have a mazda 2003 protege 5 speed manually...On the clutch pedal there are two push switch.. one at the top and one on the firewall... I was told the one on the firewall is called a neutral safety switch but every part store keeps giving me the one for the automatic... is that switch on the firewall called a neutral safety switch? also is that the only two switchs it goes threw to get to starter from the ignition?



'01 Pro ES
The neutral safety switch is only for automatic transmissions.

There are two switches in a manual tranny Pro ( clutch pedal assembly.jpg ):
1. The clutch switch. This is located further into the cabin, and the plunger goes into the switch body when the clutch pedal is up.
2. The clutch cut switch. This is located further toward the engine, and the plunger goes into the switch body when the clutch pedal is depressed.

As you can see from the starting circuit diagram ( starting circuit diagram.png ), the circuit is formed by the battery, starter, clutch interlock switch (clutch cut switch), ignition, battery, and associated wiring/fuses. If the starter bench tests ok, the clutch cut switch checks out, and the car still won't start, look for corrosion on the wiring between the battery and starter.

Avoid the part stores, and have everything you need and much less misdirection.
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