ND headlight autoleveling problem

2013 mazda 5, 6 speed manual
I have a 2020 MX-5 club that has an intermittent problem with the auto-leveling headlights. Normally, the low beams work great. They project a nice horizontal beam hundreds of feet in front of the car. The leveling system adjusts to weight in the trunk within a few seconds. However, on 5 occasions, the auto-leveling system went full down so the lights barely shine 50 feet in front of the car. Both headlights are affected when this failure occurs. Likewise, both return to normal when the intermittent problem goes away. It has been back to the dealer who claims they can't reproduce the problem and there are no error codes so there is no problem. It has been back 3 times and the factory rep has looked at it as well without reproducing the problem. They (dealer and mazda) have refused to do any troubleshooting beyond checking for error codes. They also refuse to swap parts common to both headlights. I am now stuck with a car without reliable headlights.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this?



I don't have an MX-5 but I did do a quick search and found people describing similar issues. Based on what I came across, it could be that something has simply become disconnected, perhaps a servo motor? Another possibility is that a plastic shaft and or gear is broken.

I also came across a post mentioning to check leveling sensors (front and rear) connected to the drive-side lower control arms (not sure if Mazda has this implementation).

Hopefully others who own a MX-5 or late-model Mazda can chime in here with possible solutions. :)