Mazda Infotainment Mystery

Elo Mazda mateys!

Got a bit of a head scratcher I’d love to get some advice on.

I’ve recently got a 2016 CX5 running firmware version 59.00.545, I’ve found EU_70.00.100A (reinstall.up & failsafe.up) + EU_70.00.367A_update.up. I’ve been able to install the failsafe but the Mazda Connect system will not recognise the reinstall file.

I read that some people had successfully skipped from version 59.00.545 past 70.00.100A and straight to 70.00.367A so thought I’d add that to the USB stick and see if that was an option for me but that doesn’t appear either.

I’ve used a fat32 8gb usb stick, files were downloaded on a mac but then copied to a pc and transferred to the freshly formatted USB stick (that’s never been in a mac). I’ve done MD5 checksum checks on the files and they matched the codes from various forums.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I’m happy to try other installers if people can share the links.

I have trawled through loads of forums and posts before posting this but simply not coming across people with the same issue.

Many, many thanks for your time!


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