Mazda Connect Voice Input Of Nav Address


2017 CX5 Grand Tourin
I have a 2021 Mazda 3 with a built in navigation system. When I use the voice command system to input an address by voice, it puts a list of possible addresses up on the connect screen to choose from. Usually, the proper address is the first one in the field. I select it using the Connect Command knob on the console. In my prior Mazda (2017 CX-5) that would be all that would be necessary in the address input process. But in my 2021 Mazda 3, after I select the proper address from the list on the screen, it then, for some unknown reason, put up another smaller list containing the address I selected, and a smaller number of other incorrect addresses. I then have to once again, select the exact same proper address from that list. 1) I don't understand why the second list is necessary. I've already selected the proper list from the first list. 2)What is completely maddening is that the only way to select from the second list is to wait until the magic lady's voice comes on to tell me to select the proper address from the list. And sometimes it takes as long as a minute for her to ask. If I try to call out the number of the line, or select the proper line from the list with the command knob, it just sits there and does nothing. It forces me to wait until she finally decides to ask. 3) If I get tired of waiting and put the car in reverse to back out of my driveway, the screen changes to the backup camera and then I lose everything in the address specification process. I have to start completely over. Does anyone know 1) Why it puts up the second shorter list of addresses when I've already selected the proper address from the first list, and 2) Why it won't let me select from the second list until the magic lady asks which line from the second list of addresses I want? and 3) What is going on which causes her to wait on average a half a minute to talk? I have to believe that this has driven other people nuts. So there may be other informative threads on this already. If so, you can just point me to one or more which answer my questions.
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I don’t know about the address list, but based on my other Mazdas you can usually skip the waiting period by pressing the voice command button on the steering wheel. For example, if you already know the answer you can skip all the dialogue by pressing the button and saying your command after the tone.