list of most annoying issues on my 2019 Mazda 3

I love my Mazda 3 already and it is a great car - but there are issues - and here I want to focus on the most annoying ones.

My list of the most annoying things on the Mazda 3:

So the one that takes the top of the list is the Parking Brake being ON upon Ignition ON. This is most annoying of all.
EVERY TIME I start I have to push this thing down. Sometimes I get to push it twice.
I am not sure why - but it is a hassle to make the light go away. It is outright annoying.
Push "start" push parking brake, once, twice, sometimes three times, turn this off. C'mon.

The second most annoying thing is the HOLD button being OFF by default.
So when I get in my car in the morning I always must - Push "start" push parking brake, once, twice, sometimes three times, turn this s*** off.
Once I am done with the parking brake I am free to push the HOLD ON. Sometimes twice. C'mon!!!

The cue buttons on the steering wheel and on the bottom control panel switch only between the bookmarked favorite stations.
Only the cue button under radio manual controls truly change the channel to next one available which is desired.
The function of the buttons need to be programmable, because we have many many radio stations - and it doesn't make sense to put them all in favorites.

Why isn't there information describing what plays - when in the Favorites menu?
Or better - why couldn't they put favorites buttons in the screen that shows what plays now?
It forces me to constantly change the favorites menu with the now playing menu. Back and forth. (The manual calls those "Favorites button" and "Entertainment button")

When backing up - my mirror tilts down, which is good - but why only 1 side?
I have some tight spots to park - and I discovered that the mirror tilting down helps me a lot to park my car perfectly.
But the trouble is - that I suddenly need BOTH mirrors tilting down - and guess what - I have to keep pushing the mirror buttons to switch these tilting mirrors,
because somehow the company did not envision a driver needing both of them tilt at the same time.
So my 5th annoying thing here - is that I constantly must push these buttons.

There is something bad about the suspension, it is not as stable as I would expect it to be at speeds between 75 and 100 MPH.
I am not exactly sure what is wrong here - so I am not going to comment more. But I will revisit the issue later - once I have more experience with it.

Automatic door locking is malfunctioning. But I am assuming it is a failure - so I am planning to go to my dealer to fix it.
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Turns out the parking brake can be set to off. I finally found the relevant part of the manual.
Somehow I couldn't find it earlier. Well well. My bad.

Page 65, section 4-65
Canceling the parking brake automatic operation
The parking brake automatic operation can
be canceled by doing any of the following
after switching the ignition from ON to

Auto operation cancel method 1
1. Switch the ignition ON.
2. Turn off the AUTOHOLD.
3. Press the EPB switch continuously for
2 seconds or longer (until a sound is
4. Release the EPB switch and switch the
ignition OFF within 5 seconds after the
sound was activated.
After the auto operation is canceled, a
sound is activated one time, and the
EPB switch indicator light switches
from illumination to flashing, and then
turns off after 3 seconds.

Auto operation cancel method 2
1. Switch the ignition ON.
2. Turn off the AUTOHOLD.
3. Switch the ignition OFF with the EPB
switch pressed.
When the auto operation is canceled, a
sound is activated one time, and the
EPB switch indicator light from
normal flashing to faster flashing, and
then turns off after 3 seconds.
 When canceling the parking brake auto
operation and parking the vehicle, shift
the shift lever to the 1st gear or the R
position for a manual transmission, or
shift the selector lever to the P position
for an automatic transmission, and then
use wheel blocks.
When Driving
Agree with above, though apparently the parking brake being on preserves the transmission so I understand why they did that by default. I personally can't get used to hold function so I haven't noticed that one, but it really should stay on.
1. The "Parking Break" which should correctly be engaged when not driving should auto come off after ignition when settings off ... provided you also have your seat belt on. If you want to drive without your seat belt you need to put your foot on the break before starting. Don't understand why you wouldnt want the break to come on automatically.

2. Yes HOLD is off by default because it is a driving aid and not the correct way to drive. It's a useful item for stop start driving but shouldn't be used. Infact in the UK for example the highway code tells you you should take the car out of gear and put the parking break (or as we call it hand break) on when in a queue (at lights for example). The hold feature uses the foot brake and possibly may engage the rear parking light? Saying that though Mazda's have hidden menus, I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't an hidden option to turn this on by default.

5. Like HOLD this isn't actually a correct way to drive and is more an aid for parallel parking which would be on the drivers side.

7. This seems pretty widespread at the moment, hopefully Mazda will release a fix soon.
Parking break disabling feature doesn't work.

I realized with horror that this thing can't be turned off. Damn manual. This thing I pulled from the manual does not fix the problem. I tried. I am taking this car to a dealer. They have to fix it.
I need to add one more thing to the list - the rear windows operation. Have you tried lowering the window by just a little bit - like an inch maybe?
See how hard it is? That's my point. When the window starts going down - it goes down by 4 inches before i can stop it.
It is really hard to do. I tend to leave my car opened because of the heat. I want to be able to have 1 inch gap in the windows.
Adjusting that is practically impossible.

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