installed an autodimming rear view mirror with compass


'01 Pro ES
Just installed a Gentex auto-dimming rear view mirror with compass that I pulled from a crashed Mazda 6 ($20, but minus $11 for selling the OEM mirror). After figuring out how much extending the mirror's wiring harness would cost, I purchased the Mazda installation kit (part number 0000-8C-B11) from for $24 + $8 shipping. I followed the Protege-specific installation instructions I found on a Miata site, and installation took about 1 hour. This particular harness is an older design and does not have a wire to plug into the reverse lights for the mirror to stop dimming on reverse.

The compass is useful, though, if I could choose again I would put the money toward a performance mod rather than a navigational one.
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Honda S2000
The reverse wire is designed so that when you put the car in reverse, it'll temporary disable the dimming. Don't really need that option tho tbh
I recently did the same. Found a Homelink mirror from a Mazda6. Cost of mirror, and few quick connectors, and different size screw for the mount was <$20. Love it.