2013~2016 How to check battery health and the alternator on your CX-5

Hi guys, been awhile since I have not posted video. I'd like to share with you basic tip that anybody can do to their car or Mazda CX-5.

How to check the health of your car battery and alternator using a multimeter. Basic and quick.

And i have added a Quick video on how to measure the Alternator voltage drop test.

Thank you.
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You're using the terms voltage and current interchangeably, as if they were the same things, they're not.

Other than that, good info for the novice.


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I have so many batteries between vehicles, ATVs, and snowmobiles that I picked up one of these testers years back..this is just for batteries though.



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one thing I’d note is that you are only testing resting voltage of the battery with the meter. While that gives you some indication of battery health, it’s really what happens under load that matters. You could have a battery reading 12.4-6 at rest, but when you go to start it, it doesn’t start. If you test it resting and it’s below 12.3, it’s time to replace it, and that’s where your test is useful.
I use a Solar BA9. It calculates battery CCA and %, voltage, voltage drop during cranking, and charging voltage. I use it on my 10 12v batteries. It recently prevented me buying a tractor battery that had discharged over 2 weeks, but then took and held a charge.


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The most comprehensive, accurate method to determine battery “health” is by using a digital load tester. No need to purchase one either, many auto parts stores like Autozone will load test your battery for free. As mentioned above, resting voltage is not always a good indicator of battery “health”.

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