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Story of the brotege5

Hello everybody this is a build thread I’m starting for my 2002 protege5. Here’s how I acquired this vehicle. The year was 2016 August 24th my son Liev was born and I was in desperate need of a more roomy vehicle. Owning a Suzuki drz400sm and a 1995 miata m Edition at the time (now a base model 1994 red miata long story for another time).




In need of a safe vehicle to seat at least 3 safely. A side cart for the drz400sm and extending the miata to a 4 seater was not realistic option lol. I had a couple friends tag me on the extended miata on instagram. I have to say is an awesome car but was not a real option at the moment. I started to shop around on Craigslist here in San Diego. Originally interested in purchasing an 04 Audi A4 ultrasport 6 speed wagon sadly sold before I can get to it. Then found a rare Saab I’ve always wanted. 2006 Saab 9-2x aero 2.5 turbo 5 speed. Barely out of my price range man I was upset. What a car Subaru wrx platform with the forester drivetrain from what I understand. I know the 2.5 turbo was an option the wrx did not have in 06. I originally wanted an awd car but some how ended up buying a p5 wagon. Turning 27 on the 5th of January 2017 and my son getting old enough to be exposed to the rest the world. On the 8th of January I found this 02 black protege5. I noticed some factory options I liked. It had a sunroof, privacy cover in the rear, seats w/ side airbags, 5 speed, and fenders without the side markers.

In need of small repairs I made a junkyard run on a 50% off day, the next weekend after I bought the car. Scoring some parts for really cheap of an 2003 mica msp. I came to realize this will be my budget build that doesn’t not mean low quality parts just not dropping massive cash into this car. I scored oem msp tweeters, oem msp kenwood rear speakers, oem msp shifter rod, doors actuators, oem msp ecu mjj8 w/ factory dealership reflash, driver side seatbelt latch with harness, and other small interior pieces. Same day I bought an msp lip with one fog delete and some hydra gauge rings from one of my friends Billy who threw in a set of pioneer front speaker.

I trade my go pro for a miata brg nardi wood wheel, nardi shift knob, and wood hand grip. I broke the hand brake grip but will repair and plan restain all three



Shopping around on offer up and craigslist I found some gems for dirt cheap from protege owners that have moved on. On offer up I found a brand new msp front sway bar, $25 was the listed price. I believe I gave him $30 because dang that’s cheap lol.

With friend’s finding out I own a protege again. I was lucky to score some free parts from my friends. With an msp lip missing a fog delete my friend Gabe had what I needed and donated the fog delete I needed knowing it will be put to good use. Gabe was a proud owner of a yellow mazdaspeed protege. Now own a boosted legacy.

Same week my Mazda loving friend Ben reaches out about some parts he would like to donate. A mangaflow cat-back and oem mp3 springs and struts. Also a passionate Mazda owner of many rx7’s ranging from fc’s to a beautiful fd. A car enthusiast for sure. Originally starting with a yellow msp that was sold to Gabe, after selling the yellow msp somehow ended with the cleanest yellow mp3 I’ve ever seen. Then found out he also purchased a gray msp. I can talk car stuff all day with Ben. Also somebody I can talk to about personal stuff and ask advice.

In need of more parts for repairs I sourced a parts car got the rest of the thing I needed and parted out the parts wagon. I got some interior pieces plus a clean complete roof rack. I was lucky enough to be able to trade the jdm torque cams that came with the engine for an MP3 ecu. The parts car came with an msp trans installed. I disassembled the trans and had the diff reinforced with welds on both sides.



Finished the putting the trans together I bought some parts to complete the install. Exile motorsports bronze shifter bushings, torque solution polyurethane shifter bushings, torque solution polyurethane exhaust hangers, and redline mt-90 trans oil. Also installed a bolt magnaflow catback

The white wagon I parted out also came with good drilled and slotted rotors. I purchase new stop tech pads plus Apex racing stainless brake lines and clutch line.

I was able to trade the cams the white wagon came with for an MP3 ecu

I still have some parts for sale I hope to make some profit on to get something back for my valuable time I invested. The parts car was white and ugly


Shopping on Craigslist I found a local selling a mbsp. The idea of boosting the msp started floating around but I plan to stay na for now.

About a week after I finished parting out the white wagon I decide that I was going to build a custom aluminum roof rack at work for my wagon. The design deletes the factory roof rack. I designed my custom rack to work with the factory roof rack delete strips. I sectioned the delete strip to fit with my roof rack. Don’t mind the broke mirror already replaced. More details to come

I was lucky enough to find a local selling an awr header and full awr rear sway bar with adjustable end links

The wheels were a local find got an amazing deal on the volk gt-n 17x8


I was able to pick up a complete set of stainless steel door sills stamped protege5. Also in the picture I’m mocking up the 03 msp sparco pedals that I polished.

I recently had a chance to get my hands on a brand new laser blue msp lip thanks to my friend Ben. The titanium lip is gone so I plasti dip the blue lip to install it

Black Friday was a real score to complete my roof I was able to purchase the p5 roof rack delete strips and a 03 msp front bumper to complete the look I want. Once I install delete strips I will post pictures and details of the roof rack.

Future plans the exterior
-DG grill retro fitted with oem mesh
-debagded the car plus body work
-respray same color
-weather tech door visor and a new mazda sunroof visor
-Sedan headlights
-jdm oem tail lights
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Mazdaspeed Protege
Here’s a little about me. My name is Fuad Gasanov and I’ve been a Mazda fan since the day I bought Grand Turismo whenever it first came out for PlayStation. All of my friends were GTR and Supra fans. My favorite was the rx7 fd. Started playing the game acquiring all kind of Mazdas. It was 2005 I got my permit and started shopping for a car never did I think I was going to purchase a speed. Then it happened a laser blue Msp with 27k beautiful and sexy. From that point on I became a huge Mazda lover. My list of cars was a 2003.5 laser blue msp, 2001 Cherokee, 2003.5 titanium gray msp, 2003 black mica msp, 1988 323 gtx, 2016 pearl white 370z, 1996 black base miata, 2015 Suzuki drz400sm, 1995 merlot mica m Edition miata, 2002 black protege5 current car, 2002 white protege5 parts car, 1994 red miata base current project car. I’ve been a member for quite awhile now. This is still my favorite Mazda forum
















Current project 1994 base model

Daily project

Weekend toy soon to be sold

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Mazdaspeed Protege
-Awr long tube header
-Awr passenger mount
-Awr front motor mount
-K&N intake
-Magnaflow cat back
-Torque solution exhaust hangers

Engine management
-OEM MP3 ecu
-OEM MSP ECU with dealership flash (not installed)

-Msp trans with welded diff
-Redline MT-90 trans oil
-Msp OEM shifter rod
-Scott bassinger trans saver mount (not installed)
-Scott bassinger bronze bushing kit 3 piece
-Torque solution shifter bushing
-Apex Racing SS braided clutch line wrapped in red

-Awr 21.5mm rear sway bar with adjustable endlinks and polyurethane bushings (not installed)
-Msp OEM front sway bar (not installed)
-Lowering springs brand unknown
-YellowSpeed Coilovers (not installed)

-OEM MSP front bumper
-OEM MSP front lip with fog deletes
-Blacked out headlight

-BRG Miata Nardi wheel
-BRG Miata Nardi evolution shift knob and hand brake lever
-Stainless Steel Protege5 door sills
-Black face cluster with DDM tuning led lights
-Hydra Polished Rings
-DDM led dome and cargo lights
-Pioneer BS-4800
-OEM MSP Tweeters
-Pioneer 5x7 speakers
-OEM MSP Rear Kenwood speakers
-MTX 8" sub, box, amp
-OEM MSP Sparco pedals polished

-PowerStop Z17 ceramic front and rear pad
-Drilled and slotted rotors
-Apex Racing SS braided brake line wrapped in red
-Volk racing GT-N 17x8 44 offset
-205/45r17 Tires
-3mm universal spacer
-hub centric rings
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Mazdaspeed Protege
Purchased a set of brand new yellowspeed coilovers I’ve own a pair in the past love them can’t wait to install them
Mazdaspeed Protege
Got around to installing my awr header, k&n intake, awr front mount, and awr passenger mount.

The awr mounts added a lot of vibration. I’m purchasing a new set of oem motor mounts. Will fill in the gaps of the oem mounts with 60a duro energy bushing polyurethane liquid mix. I’m hoping the oem mounts filled with the 60a duro will make a lot less vibrations and shaking. I also plan to add a engine dampener. I may buy the weapon r engine dampener or build my own dampener.

I hope the oem filled mounts plus and engine dampener will equal minimal engine vibrations and rattling. Also should help dramatically with wheel hop. My main goal is to keep this car as smooth and quite as possible because this is my daily.