FD RX7 Rims

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90 RX7 Vert
Getting close to post some FD RX7 rims on ebay, unless there is interest here i could post proper pics and such later tonight.

I unlike most would ship them inside the US.

after further review maybe 6.5 or 7 out of ten. great for used rims.
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pics later today. when i get home. i'd say $350 shipped to AZ.
they are 8 out of ten in my opinion. two center caps have pain flake.

anything specific you want to see in the pics?
Front and Back pics. Me personally I wouldn't care about the finish/paint. Just be as descriptive as possible. Any curb checks, etc.
ill give you til tonight to get pictures, or its gonna get closed until you got em alright??

the center caps paint flaking.
yea, shipped is a little expensive :/
hope u still have them by tax return week...i'll be all over them ;)
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