Extended Warranty - Turbo?

I bought the car with extended warrenty ... but if I were to do it again I would not because it covers the car up to 7 years or 100K ... and if a Japanese car brand cant survive 7 years or 100K without major issue I'll never buy that brand again for life.
If you haven't used it, you should be able to cancel. You can call them and find how much of the premium will be returned. The warranty was of no real value during the first 3 years but now that your vehicle is over 3 years it may be worth keeping the warranty.
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Yes, odds are that over the life of the 10 cars you may have over 50 years you won't recoup what you paid for extended warranties. Generally, insurance is to cover things you can't afford to pay for yourself - house of car replacement. It comes down to peace of mind. My neighbor just had a $2,200 timing cover replaced under warranty. - On a 2015 Toyota Highlander no less. It's a luck of the draw, but generally ext warranties pay out 20%-30% of their purchase cost, 50% commision, and the rest to marketing. If I can get one that people see to be getting on some Mazdas for $1,300 9 years, as some people are reporting, I'll probably go for it