CX-90 Anbingo All Weather Floor Mats

2024 CX90 PHEV Premium Plus
No one else other than Mazda seems to have rubber floor mats for the CX90 yet. Not a fan of OEM all weather mats because the lips on them are not tall enough.

I came across these Anbingo mats on Amazon and took a chance. Reviews were good but I was still a little skeptical because of the price …list price over $100 less than WeatherTech. I happened to catch a Prime discount and paid $150 for all three rows.

I’m really impressed with them. They fit well. I like the design and the slight textured look. They’re softer than the Weather Tech floor liners that I had in the CX9. Long term durability remains to be seen but initially these were a great purchase.


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I picked up a set last week and they fit very well - highly recommend them.

Weathertech and Huskyliner still don't have any availability of their sets.

Right now, I'm looking for a specific cargo liner, where I want rubber, flat cover for the back of the third row, and tray that doesn't have a lip where it meets the 3rd row seats so when I fold the 3rd row down, it's all flat
So I also got a set and noticed that the edges on all of them are cut oddly. I took a blade and trimmed them up as when you look underneath, there is either a trim line or an overhang look but once you take a closer look on all the edges you will notice.