CX-80 Unveiling

CX-30 150hp Aut
The CX-80 will be unvailed on the 18th April, so next week :)

Here the teaser video from Mazda:
This car is ugly. Although is shorter than the CX90/CX70, because of the narrow body, it looks very weird. Not a fan at all.
I actually like the shape. I don't mind the "narrow body". It's the same width as CX-60 which is wider than both CX-5 and CX-50. I think looking from the side it's got better proportion than CX-90. Looks like the 2nd row bench is standard on all trims. Captains chair are only an option. Why Mazda could not do the same thing with CX-90. Also Mazda somehow managed to create bigger underfloor storage in the trunk and also accommodate some room to store the cargo cover. All the useful things the CX-90 is lacking. They should just bring this model to NA as a 2 row version and be done with it.

On the side note. Now Mazda has 4 models they've got exactly the same interior. Like literally the same dashboard, storage space and seats. What they have been thinking? Cost cutting probably but then they should stop talking about how much time they spent on development.

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