CX-80 Spied

Interesting that they are offering all 4 models (60-70-80-90) in the Aussie market.
I don't remember exact numbers but I read that Mazda is quite a popular brand in Australia. Still I am pretty sure they don't sell the volumes close to what they sell in US and Canada combined. Somehow their strategy is completely different and they offer all these versions and before that Mazda 6: both sedan and wagon and Mazda 2: sedan and hatch and even Mazda pickup truck which is a mix of Mazda CX-9 (front) and Isuzu truck (well in the end I checked and these trucks are entirely being manufactured by Isuzu with very few components coming directly from Mazda).

One thing for certain - Mazda cars are much more expensive in Australia, even considering the weakness of the Australian dollar. The same is with Europe - CX-60 pricing is just crazy - it's like paying in Canada $70-90K range, all taxes included:rolleyes:.

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