CX-5 CorkSport axle back exhaust system sound?


2018 A4 S LINE Stg. 1 / 2021 CX5 Carbon AWD Turbo
Well, going from the sound samples online on the Corksport site it sounded just right.

But it's been on over a week and this thing drones and it's much louder than stock. The videos' do not represent real application. :(

If I put on a larger resonator/glass pack where the existing resonator is will it quiet it down a bit?
Upon further investigation there is no resonator. I'm going to add one mid length on the pipe.
Would be interesting to hear the difference between the CorkSport as is, and after the added resonator. Hope it eliminates the drone, and gives you the tone you're looking for!
It quiets down over time. I wanted to uninstall it immediately after instal but it got better. Deeper and less droney
It is becoming more tolerable, or we are getting used to it. LOL
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It is becoming more tolerable, or we are getting used to it. LOL
I felt the same way when I first installed the CS exhaust. I love it driving around town 40mph and less. But it can get a little loud on the highway going 70 plus. However I have gotten used to it over time.
Huh. Not too long ago I ordered a vibrant resonator to replace my OEM one. Ended up deleting the second cat as well. It sounds and flows rather fantastic with the stock manifold and muffler.

I'll get around to replacing the OEM muffler sometime, but its good for aerodynamics and doesn't drone. Plus, it flows quite well when you step on the throttle. Loud enough to turn heads too. I get confused looks from two camps when I am in the powerband: 1. That's a great sounding 4 cylinder! 2. Is it a four cylinder?
Another suggestion, I just covered the entire trunk with Kilmat sound deadener. I only put one layer and I can definitely hear a difference. I have enough left over for a second layer so I plan to add more this weekend.