Cross shop CX-5 with 2022 Hyundai Tucson?

2021 CX-5 Sig.
I am not seeing a system issue at KIA/Hyundai either ;)....
Uh, Hyundai/Kia literally recalled more than 1.7 million vehicles for the Theta engine debacle and offered lifetime drivetrain warranties. Let's not even get in to all the fire-based recalls. In the last year. They've started to recall Gamma engines now too.

I think that's a bit more systemic than <50 CX5 head gasket issues.


US 2020 CX-5 Touring AWD Soul Red
Hyundai/Kia's serial engine recalls, failure to recall with a historically large fine, class action engine lawsuits, mpg cheating etc. seemed to be behind them. If I'm not mistaken, the problems were concentrated in 2016 and prior vehicles. But now we have this:

"Most" 2022 US-sold Tucson's (second year of a new generation) are being assembled in Alabama for the first time. I have no idea where the above linked engines or the 2022 Tucson engines are built but Hyundai did add an engine manufacturing plant in Alabama in 2019. It might be worth looking into where those engines come from. There are certainly yellow flags to be dug into on this Tucson.

The only Hyundai/Kia's I've seriously looked into have been the Telluride (Georgia, US) and Palisade (Korea) as a possible Sienna replacement before pivoting to a sedan replacement with the CX-5. Those vehicles share a v6 8-speed drive train. There do not seem to be many complaints about those engines but the few that have surfaced are dangerous and may signal an eventual recall: