2016~2023 Cargo management in the CX-9

2021 CX-9 GT
FWIW ... I just received the OEM side cargo nets for my 2021 CX-9 GT. Yes, the instructions are pretty involved. Most of the lower rear cargo area has to come out so you can access the bare metal to drill holes for the anchors. It doesn’t look hard, just tedious.

When I installed the cargo net in my 6, same thing. Seems like over kill. I remember my older Hondas were predrilled and it literally took 5 minutes to pop a trim clip and replace it with a screwed in anchor. For the record, newer Hondas aren’t like that anymore and installing anything is ridiculously over complicated also.

Even when I installed the OEM alloy pedal set in my 6, it required drilling and removing trim pieces and carpet to install the dead pedal piece.

I will say this - the steps are tedious but the trim pieces in my 6 were fairly easy to pop apart and they go back together securely. I’m sure the CX-9 would be similar. I‘m going to wait until I have a free Saturday afternoon (ha! right!?) so I can dedicate a couple hours to installing the side nets.