Annoying noise while accelerating

I have a 2020 CX5 Signature (turbo) with under 12,000 miles. For the past couple of months, I hear what I would describe as a creaking sound when accelerating.

The sound seems to be coming from the driver side area, kind of underneath the dash, maybe even underneath the seat area. It is very difficult to isolate. I tried to press on every panel to try to see if it silences the noise without any luck.

I hear it is when accelerating with my foot partially pressing on the accelerator. - never when braked or decelerating. It immediately stops when I take my foot off of the accelerator.

I linked to some audio files below. I’d appreciate any help in determining where the sound is coming from. The dealer hasn’t been much help so far.

I'd also like to note that I may hear a similar noise when my car not moving, switching between N and D. Link to sound clip below. Note that the louder noises in the clip and the shifter moving. This noise doesn't annoy me like the accelerating noise, and I'm not even sure if it is the same. However, I wanted to add it in case it could be another clue.
I have exact noise and would describe it exactly the same. If my foot is on the accelerator it makes the noise, even when barely touching it. I’d love it to be fixed but fear I can’t find a mechanic who will diagnose it correctly.
Check plastic cover tat covers rain sensor (behind rear view mirror). It was making noise against the windshield on my 22 cx5