Android Auto Not Full Screen Until Nav or Music Button Pushed (2021 CX-9)

I have a 2021 CX-9 on which I just installed 11048. Prior to the upgrade (and still after the upgrade, as well), when I start the car, my phone successfully connects, and Android Auto starts up (i.e., music will resume playing from my phone). The majority of the display, however, will show the "main" Mazda menu that has the Entertainment, Communication, Navigation, etc. options on it. On the right third of the display is a blue icon (iirc) and the words "Android Auto".

Only when I press the music or the navigation button will Android Auto "fully" engage, and, in the case of music, the current track playing will fill 2/3rds of the screen and navigation will fill the right third.

Is there a magic setting that will get AA to fully engage without me having to press the nav or music button? My phone is a recent Samsung model, if that makes a difference.

I am using apple carplay,with the older infotainment system but if I hold (long press) the home button it goes to apple carplay. If i hold it again it goes back to the mazda system. I assume it is the same for android auto.

You could try to see if your system behave the same way.
Thanks, youri, I'll give that a shot. Hoping that it permanently makes it go to AA as soon as the car starts.
Unfortunately a long press on the home button does not make Android Auto come up by default the next time the car is started.

I am using the Motorola wireless dongle, and I don't think that has anything to do with it (I'll try plugging in sometime soon), but are others seeing the same thing? Any suggestions?