2022 CX-5 Stabilizer bar diameter?

Does anyone know what diameter the 2022 CX-5 runs? I'm getting anywhere from 22 to 24 depending on where I put the caliper. I THINK the center (no bend) is going to be 24mm but would like to verify that.
Looking to swap out the stock rubber for poly bushings and need to go universal as I've been unable to located a poly version specifically for the 2018+ CX-5.
I have a turbo FWIW, but I think all of them run the same sway bars.
There seems to be two part numbers so likely the Turbo has bigger bar. But I cant find the diameter.
Whats strange is I cant find the bushings parts as separate items.
I think if you remove the under engine plastic shields you can reach the bushings to measure there.
My 2024:

Front is 23mm
Rear is 19 mm

I have a set, with less than 500 miles on them. Pay for shipping and they are yours. Or I'm going to scrap them.

sway bar pic.png

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