2017 CX5GT Doors Can Be Locked When One Or All Doors Are Open

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If standing away from car (about 10 feet) and one of the doors is open if lock button pushed on fob the car will lock even if the door or doors are open. Do any of you think it is normal that its normal?
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Yes. Why is this not normal?

If you're locking with the fob 10' away you are not likely to be locking the key in the car.

Wouldn't you want the car secure after the doors are closed?
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You can do it when you exit the car with the drivers door open by pressing the lock button on the driver's armrest. Basically the same concept since one door is open.
Haven't tested it to see if it only does that if the drivers door is open, not passengers.


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Yes, I think it is normal that it is normal. It may not be ideal in some situations, but it is what it is.