2017 CX-9 Bose Dash speaker replacement. Tweeter upgrade

I had a tweeter go out on my 2017 CX-9 with Bose. The replacement tweeter is around $75 so i decided to buy some 3.5 in. coaxial speakers instead. I figured the tweeter and the 3.5 mid were wired together but it appears they are not. It appears the dash tweeter and the front door speaker are wired together and the corner dash speakers are wired directly to the Bose amp. There are 2 sets of wires coming into the corner dash location, one set for the mid and one set for the tweeter.

My question is , do I just connect the new coaxial speaker to the wires from the Bose 3.5 mid (front side), probably full range, or do I cut the wires on the coaxial speaker and wire the Bose 3.5 wire to the new 3.5 and wire the Bose tweeter wire to my new tweeter?

The factory Bose speakers are actually good quality speakers compared to aftermarket car speakers.

I bought some Infinity Reference 3032cfx to replace the corner dash speakers after a Bose tweeter went out. I cut the wires to the Infinity tweeter and bi wired them to the factory Bose amp. The sound was not as good as the factory Bose speakers. Not sure if it was a sensitivity issue or power issue with the Infinity speakers but the mid range was quieter and the tweeters were lacking definition.

I decided to find some replacement tweeters and install the Bose 3.5's back into their original locations. The factory tweeters are about 35mm in diameter. I found some Dayton Audio ND16FA-4 tweeters that when modified fit into the factory location perfectly. I had to trim the flange off. I then added a Dayton Audio DMPC-6.8 Capacitor.

The sound from the mid range is better now, I sealed up the speaker locations and added better foam rings on the front side of the mid. The tweeters are a lot better than the factory Bose tweeters. The sound is much improved now.


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