For Sale 2014 CX-5 19" Wheels only, no tires

Off my 2014 CX-5 wheels only in great shape. No, rubber, center caps or lug nuts as I reused them. Have been in my closet for a few years and need to go. Located in Louisville, Ky. Would make a good winter wheel or upgrade if replacing 17's to dress up a bit. Could meet somewhere if not too far away or split the distance. 300 dollars?



@TTBadDog Please read the Marketplace Rules here...
Add pics to your post/listing above that include a visible hand written sign (Mazdas247, date and username) in each one (and for each part you're selling) and you'll be good to go, thanks!
I would be interested, I believe these should fit my 2nd gen Mazda6. Please post the info Antoine requested and I will be willing to purchase these. Please send me a picture of all the wheels also.