2011/12 CX9 FWD Sport - Tire upgrade ?


Mazda CX9
Hi I am in the process of upgrading the OEM tires and wheels on my 2011 Mazda CX9 Sport FWD.

Needs some tips/pointers ?

Was chatting with Tire rack folks and they advised that If i go up to R20 then they recommend 275/45/R20 as the MAX. This would not include any mods to the Camber setting.

However I would like to install tires somewhere in the region of 305/35/R20 (Which was not advised) .... Anyone gone for this kind of combination towards getting wider tires ? Or is 275/45/R20 the best option.

I am planning to get new 20 Inch wheels to match the tires....

Your inputs are appreciated.....