2009 CX-9 Clicking noise

Guys I have a 2009 cx9 that makes a clicking noise coming from behind the center console where the climate controls are. When I change the different modes ie defrost, floor,or dash vents one of the modes does nothing but make a clicking or ticking noise what would this be? Also even when the heater is turned off it still has hot air coming inside the car
Sounds like the actuator that closes/opens vents to circulate air is failing or about to fail. If you're handy, you can probably order and replace the part yourself.

I think it might be this part? Hopefully someone else more familiar with the 1st gen can advise further.

Usually you can reach the actuators by dropping the glove box or removing the knee bolster on the drivers side. If you can isolate which side it's coming from that may help you figure out what to remove to gain access.
It is the upper actuator on drivers side the one that has the plastic cam like piece. It will cycle through 3 of the modes dash vents, floor vent,and floor/dash but when it gets to the defrost it binds up and starts clicking it gets in a bind at this point until u switch it back to one of the other settings. I took it out and while it was disconnected ran it through all four modes and the cam piece ran as it should but when u attach it back it does the same thing
It could have a broken or missing tooth on the gears that will let it work with no resistance. You could also note the position of the door and move that manually through it's range and see if it travels freely. Based on what I have seen over the years my money is on the actuator needing replacement.

For what it's worth I have used Rock Auto for these parts as they seem to offer the best selection of OEM actuators.

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