2007 Mazdaspeed3 Coolant in spark plug wells?

Title. I couldn't start the car, the engine seemed flooded so I took out the spark plugs to check it out. I saw a decent amount of coolant in there as well as the spark plugs being fouled. I cranked the car over with the spark plugs out to shoot the coolant out. Great success!

Also, my oil level actually seems to have raised a bit. I'm thinking blown head gasket or blown intake manifold gasket. I'm also going to check the head and intake manifold to see if I need to get them resurfaced. Is there any way I can check if the head or intake manifold are cracked as well? Are my suspicions correct? Is there anything else I should check? I have yet to actually crack that bad boy open to look at the gaskets etc. so I'm trying to get down a list of things to check.

Thanks y'all! Hope to get this thing running properly soon, I'm in love with the car so far!
Its required to post every 15 years, you are the lucky winner.

Using one of the platforms available, find a running replacement engine, built or not, as you desire.

unless you are looking for something to tinker on. but absorbing the gist of your post, that would be unwise.