2002 Protege ES: Turn Signal/Hazards do not flash.


2002 Mazda Protege ES

I cannot seem to get the flashers to work on my Mazda! I receive a click noise from the flasher relay, but neither the dash nor the back lights work.

I have checked the fuses, and replaced the Flasher/hazard relay. The click interval is different than when the turn signals worked. The hazards sound the same.

I have found a forum post about the existence of a Flasher Control Module, but I cannot seem to find where it is located, what it looks like, or a part number. Replacing this control module could do the trick, or it could be faulty wiring. But I'm not sure which or where replace them.

Any assistance would be amazing!

Thank you in advance,


'01 Pro ES
Check the shop manual or wiring diagram to find the module. You can search the forum to find a link.