2018 cx-5 GT Interior lights/headlights issue

Hello all! So I have a 18 Cx-5 GT 30K miles. I thought it seemed pretty dark in the car on way home from work. At first I thought It was because I had the air off so the lights just weren’t as bright in the center control panel. After a minute I realized that in fact the lights on the temp control dial, gear selector, and switches on steering wheel were all dark. As I continued driving I found I also had no high beams! Once I got home after messing around with all the settings/buttons I found out the knob that controls the brightness level also wasn’t functional and the high beams would come on with the burst feature but my headlight would blink off for a second. Finally I noticed the headlights also wouldn’t come on when I started the car. Only when I put it in gear and started moving. I made appointment with dealer but has anyone out there experienced this?
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  1. I’m a fool!

    I’m a dam fool! The switch was turned to off. It wasn’t on auto 🤦‍♂️