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    Heated rear view mirrors an option?

    Does anyone know if this is an option on the new CX30? On some other Mazdas when you activate the rear defroster it also heats up the rear view mirrors, I find this very useful when the mirrors are iced up or raining.
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    chrome accents: dash, cupholder, mirror, tail lights

    here you go, per your request, parts still look new after one year of usage, again I recommend 3M adhesion promoter if you plan to do the side mirror chrome, like some members aid, just a slight subtle touch of chrome here and there not too much. agree with some members, too much chrome is...
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    chrome accents: dash, cupholder, mirror, tail lights

    Actually, all very durable. No issues. I'll take some pictures for you this weekend. I recommend using 3M adhesion promoter though for the side mirrors. The OEM plastic on the bottomside of the side view mirrors is quite slick and non-conducive to double sided tape without the promoter. I...
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    Guide Maintenance Mode for 2016 / 2017 CX-5 electronic brakes

    you're very welcome both to you yrwei652 and Anchorman for posting the PDF's, I had a hard time figuring out all the nuances, Mazda instructions were too convoluted, I had to run it thru many times until I finally understood what they were trying to say..... like having to press start button...
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    2017 Spare Tire Mod for U.S.

    Thx yeah, it's the same heavy duty type that truckers use, good heavy weight and large big bright oranges triangles when unfolded, they are pretty standard and readily available on eBay, I got them cheap like $12 for two, but they sell them in 3s in a red plastic box...
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    2016+ CX-9 AWD spare tire size?

    Hi guys, Can someone with 2016+ CX-9 AWD please confirm the spare tire size, CX-5 owners have discovered Mazda is putting in much smaller spare tires that don't match the regular tires. Please see link, thanks.
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    2017 Spare Tire Mod for U.S.

    I found a Dunlop Space Miser T155/90D18 113M tire off a wrecked '14 1st gen CX-9 at a local junk yard, the spare was practically brand new never used, junkyard wanted $65, I thought it was a good deal, so I bought it..... it fits perfectly in my 16 CX-5, no need to take off or cut the foam...
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    Guide Maintenance Mode for 2016 / 2017 CX-5 electronic brakes

    ok folks, I tried to make a video but it's too hard for this procedure, I needed to use both hands, so I'll write up a detailed procedure based on the Mazda PDF's provided by Anchorman (much thanks) see post # 12 of this link...
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    2016 CX-5 rear brakes...Maintenance mode?

    guys, I just tried this and it does work, thanks Anchorman, this helped a lot. I know, the instructions are a bit scary to press down the accelerator pedal fully, DO NOT START YOUR ENGINE. all this is done with the engine off. do not press brake pedal and start button. note: for ignition ON...
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    2017 Spare Tire Mod for U.S.

    Yep, confirming what Yrwei52 said, I just checked and I'm surprised to see the small 26.3" diameter T145/90 R16 spare in my '16 CX-5 AWD GT with 19" wheels. i chock this up as another Mazda penny pinching with disregard to customers' cost of future repairs. I have owned AWD in the past and...
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    Do You Love Your Mazda? Ditch That 0W-20 Oil!!!

    hmm.... interesting new CX-9 4 cylinder turbo uses 5w30 even in Canada, thanks for info, what's up with the Royal Purple 5w30 ? is it good oil, it's always sold out at my local auto stores..... Mobil 1 is always in stock..... I guess no one likes Mobil 1.......:)
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    2017 Spare Tire Mod for U.S.

    actually yrwei52 I think OP mod matches closer to CX-5 grand touring wheels, you can double check my math: CX-5 grand touring 19" wheel diameter using OEM 225/55 R19 22.5cm/2.54 = 8.858 (conversion) 8.858 x .55 aspect = 4.87 (sidewall height) overall wheel diameter = (2 x 4.87) + 19" = 28.7 "...
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    Rear Diff and Transfer Case Fluid Change: Tools, Parts and Links

    just FYI, I confirmed with dealer, the aluminum washer for the front PTU and rear differential plugs is P/N 99564-1800 (18mm inner diameter) not to be confused with the smaller aluminum washers for the engine oil and transmission oil plugs P/N 99564-1400 (14mm inner diameter)
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    Cargo cover

    like Aznbagel said ...... the metal bar does not go inside the spring loop, the spring is there only to apply pressure on the bar against the little plastic hook
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    $70 rebate for Michelin tires at Tire Rack 6/21/17 to 7/16/17

    for those interested, just sharing :