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    Mazda5 Oil Cooler Replacement & YOUTUBE WARNING

    If you have the plastic canister filter housing, this looks like a good time to change over to a spin on filter housing. Good luck with your endeavor.
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    Mazda3 OEM Accessory Racing Style Fuel Door

    **SOLD** **I WANT THIS GONE, NOW $50 SHIPPED** This is a genuine Mazda factory accessory for 2006-2009 Mazda3 and Mazdaspeed3. It*s brand new, only out of the box for the photo. Looks like a racing fuel filler, matte chrome finish. Part # is 0000 8R L01 Comes with factory instruction sheet...
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    Changing a Steering Wheel on a 2009 Mozda5

    Disclaimer: This is how I did it, it worked for me. You take responsibility for your own actions if you try it yourself. The back of the plastic wheel which came with the 2009 Mazda5 Sport I bought from my daughter had split. There's a rough and annoying perhaps 2" long section which stands...
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    What have you done to your Mazda5 today?

    New steering wheel... When my daughter bought the 2009 Mazda5 new they only came with stick in the bottom grade, Sport. Stick was more important to her, but it meant a few things were different, i.e., cheaper. One of those things was the steering wheel, which on the Sport was plastic rather...
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    What have you done to your Mazda5 today?

    Today a shift knob I had ordered arrived, so I installed it. Red carbon fiber over aluminum. Nice weight and I prefer a ball shape as opposed to the factory design. I removed the shift pattern disk off the factory knob, a little double stick tape to attach it to the console.
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    Engine splash shield fasteners source/part no?

    In the scheme of things nowadays, be glad they even put it back on. Hopefully they didn't strip the threads. The bolts are #14 in this diagram, you may also need the plastic fasteners, #16...
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    *new to this* possibly motor mount or strut..?

    Take a quick look under the upper mount, it's between the coolant overflow tank and the engine. Aluminum bracket with rubber parts, you should be able to see two nuts and and a bolt. If you see fluid under it, or dirt attached to a current or dried up liquid, your mount is shot. It's a rubber...
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    What have you done to your Mazda5 today?

    As mentioned in the post they were Beck-Arnley parts from www.rockauto.com Upper mount: https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=6167562&cc=1443701&jsn=430 Lower mount: https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=8005960&cc=1443701&jsn=426 I filled the lower mount with epoxy to stiffen...
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    2007 Mazda5...New Owner...Have some problems

    From what I've read, front and rear clunking is more sway bar end links than the bushings themselves. Both front and rear links are easily changed by a DIY'er. I just got an '09 and did them myself due to similar noises, noises now gone. Watch a few videos and give it a try.
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    Mazda5 Interior / Cargo Flexibility Photos

    Don't have to be prescient to foresee new shocks in your future.
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    What have you done to your Mazda5 today?

    I'd been feeling a shutter in the car when starting off in first, but especially in reverse. I know how to drive stick so I was sure it wasn't just me. A little reading and it sounded like motor mounts. Rockauto to the rescue, a front right and lower mount ordered, both Beck-Arnley as I've...
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    Replace spark plugs?

    On my '04 Mazda3 w/2.3 engine I replaced them at 110K miles. My fear was they were locked in there as it seemed to take a lot of pressure before one moved. I talked to a Mazda tech and he said he'd never had a plug actually freeze in, so I just used a pipe extension on the socket wrench and...
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    A Few Fixes to the MZ5, Hope this will help fix the Gremlins!

    A friend who's a mechanic recommended wrapping the portion of the sway bar under the bushing with teflon tape in addition to greasing it to cut down on squeaks. Has anyone else tried the K90398 blue Moog bushings?