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    20,000 miles in a CX5 GT-R...

    Yes, it seems you have bad luck with your vehicles. I get it...
  2. Sig cx-5

    20,000 miles in a CX5 GT-R...

    I'm glad your luck turned out to be bad. (y)
  3. Sig cx-5

    Anyone having luck eliminating the bogus dealer add-ons?

    There are dealers in my area that do this. When we were shopping for our CX-5, we test drove a CR-V and a Santa Fe. Both dealers showed window etching, paint protection, etc... The Honda dealer was easy enough to get everything removed, but the Hyundai dealer was playing hardball, up until we...
  4. Sig cx-5

    Any reason I should not leave the USB drive in the USB port permanently?

    It supports WAV playback, according to the owner's manual.
  5. Sig cx-5

    2022 CX-5?

    Fill out your info and be the first to know. :D https://www.mazdausa.com/vehicles/2022-cx-5
  6. Sig cx-5

    2017~2022 2.5T Oil Dilution

    I'm guessing your 2016 will be your last CX-5. You also think cylinder deactivation will kill all non-turbo 2.5l's. "Doom and Gloom" much? :D
  7. Sig cx-5

    2017~2022 2.5T Oil Dilution

    Driving habits are the main contributor to OD. For the record, our 2019 Sig does not show OD either.
  8. Sig cx-5

    CX-5 2.5L Turbo vs. CX-5 2.5L NA

    The main difference is that the non turbo has cylinder deactivation, and the turbo does not.
  9. Sig cx-5

    2017~2022 2.5T Oil Dilution

    As you're aware from the CR-V forum, this is a byproduct of all DI engines. Just keep an eye on it and maybe get an oil analysis on your next change.
  10. Sig cx-5

    Top Speed?

    Where are you driving 120 MPH in an SUV?
  11. Sig cx-5

    Off Topic Chip shortage discussion

    Keep up! https://www.motortrend.com/news/mazda-cx-50-70-90-suvs/
  12. Sig cx-5

    Off Topic Chip shortage discussion

    Yes, that is proving my point. Companies and share holders like to see increased profits.
  13. Sig cx-5

    Off Topic Chip shortage discussion

    If we did, everything would be 2x the cost.
  14. Sig cx-5

    Play songs from a USB thumb drive?

    Yeah, it works as good as all the other streaming services, until you're in spotty cell coverage areas.
  15. Sig cx-5

    Brand new 2021 Mazda CX-5. Steering feels over sensitive?

    Let's just say "drifting", as it engages when you get close to the markings on the road. I really don't think it has anything to do with the OP's issue, though. The OP is MIA, so we may never actually know the outcome.