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    No Entertainment or HUD SOS!

    Got into my car and noticed my entertainment system wouldn't start. I tried the Mute / Nav / Back reset and that didn't work. Further more my backup camera didnt work either, then after some more checking the USB for android auto had no power and my HUD was also off. Anyone have this happen to...
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    How do you update your infotainment system?

    I've had android auto for over a year and a half now. I remember seeing somewhere that you can check and update the infotainment version yourself. Just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction so I can do it myself. I have a spare flash drive to do so.
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    Tow Hitch

    I ended up just showing up, and they told me the hitch is on back order. I gave them some heat and told them they should have notified me then, like I bought a boat and wanted to pick that up today too. Told them if they couldn't find one to install they better be rending me a truck for free...
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    Tow Hitch

    Thats weird I scheduled my install beginning of last week and have herd no such issue. I'm in MA, and my install is tomorrow morning, guess we will find out when i get there....if it is out of stock im going to be pissed because my dad and I just got a boat and i told them id tow it away...
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    Tow Hitch

    ya i don't think I'll have that problem.... its actually my dads fishing boat, but he doesn't have a trailer anymore we would take it out on the water together. also I do plan on learning to drive with a trailer first.
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    Tow Hitch

    Ohh Really good idea! I will also never being unloading and loading the boat myself, or backing it up myself so I'll have someone with me to direct me.
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    Tow Hitch

    anyone have pics of their car towing a boat?
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    Tow Hitch

    Im surprised only 1 person tows a boat. I'm looking to install a hitch so I can get a small trailer and like a 10-12ft john boat, along with battery, and small motor all of which should be way under the 3,500 max weight.
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    Tow Hitch

    Thinking about getting a small boat for fishing and wondering if anyone has a tow hitch on their cx9? I have a 2018 cx-9, would love to see pictures and if you paid or did the install yourself.
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    Trunk Won't Open SOS

    Hey guys I had a cooler full of melted ice and on the way home it flipped and spilled and a lot of water got into the trunk area yesterday. Fast forward to today, and well now my trunk won't open. It won't open with the keys, or the front trunk button, nor the button directly on the trunk...
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    Dual (front & rear) dash cam installation service ?

    I've owned multiple cars and always installed the dash cams myself, basically the easiest and best way is to run the wires and hide them where the door rubber gaskets are. You can easily remove them and put them back. some 1ft zip ties will also help and make the install quicker IMO.
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    Firmware update(s) and how to steps

    Just wondering if anyone has links to how to update my 2018 cx-9 firmware
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    OEM Crossbars - Pain in the butt

    I wonder if at the dealer they just assemble the rails and crossbar first then install the rails onto the roof of the car....
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    OEM Crossbars - Pain in the butt

    Anyone else find the OEM cross bars to be a pain in the butt to install? It took me about 45 minutes, I remember seeing other ppl say it took that long too. The T30 key they give you sucks, and is basically useless for the rear bar. Even with my 1/4" driver socket , an extension, and a t30 torx...
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    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    I honestly love them, they are good quality. I would give them a 4 out of 5 star, only because there are flaps that go underneath the seats (where the foot hvac vents are near) and even with the Velcro tape they don't stick and stay flat. I'll end up getting stronger Velcro tape to fix the issue.