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    Mazda5 OEM Seat Covers 3rd row?

    I recently purchased used OEM seat covers (0000-8K-L15) set to cover up my interior and I'm already loving the soft neoprene-like material, especially on high wear areas. There are multiple pieces that individually cover head rests and arm rests. Totally factory option quality...
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    What have you done to your Mazda5 today?

    I didn't weigh them prior to tire installation but they feel just as heavy as stock. I'm not too concerned about performance since it's just for commuting
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    What have you done to your Mazda5 today?

    I put on my brother's dearly departed Mazdaspeed Protege Racing Harts onto my Mazda5. Perfect size and fit: The MSP was an early model so the wheels are silver. Newer versions are hyper silver and are darker.
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    OEM Xenon Conversion 2008-2010 Mazda5?

    Forgot to add the last bit of this install, the final wiring job. I happened upon a wrecked 2009 Mazda 5 touring in the junkyard, same model as mine. Engine and front end was gone so I was able to get a better idea how the wiring is laid out and grab a bit of wiring to study and use. Main body...
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    OEM Xenon Conversion 2008-2010 Mazda5?

    I guess I should update: 1) Lights are installed! Easy to make a bridge connector from halogen plug to ballast plug: 2) You can see the connection here. I'm glad the seller had a pig tail included: 3) Headlight Leveling switch harness is tucked behind the switch blank confirmed! 4) Puchased...
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    OEM Xenon Conversion 2008-2010 Mazda5?

    I just bought a cheap nearly brand new service manual/wiring diagram on eBay for my Mazda5 since I like adding something physical to reference when working on cars. Here is what I learned about the requirements to convert to oem xenons from halogen: "Discharge" type combination headlights is...
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    OEM Xenon Conversion 2008-2010 Mazda5?

    Thanks for the info. I'll prowl the Mazda3 forums a bit more since its similar. The best solution is to look for a Mazda5 GT model in the junkyard for all the required parts. But I'm willing to wire things up myself. Thanks for the tips