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    Mazda CX-90 - What would you like to see?

    Must have for me: Tow capacity minimum 5000 lb Nice to have: longer than 6 mos interval for oil change, max HP on reg gas, foot release tailgate (I dont have on my 19 but i think the cx9 does now so hopefully it continues), rear heated seats, a tailgate button that works without the doors...
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    Towing with your CX-9

    Ok thanks, I figured that is the sort of game people play. A lot of moving parts to the math, it's sort of scary though when you look at the #s some vehicles with only a bit more weight than the cx9 can tow. A Q7 has more power and curbweight than the cx9, but more than double the tow weight...
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    Towing with your CX-9

    Oh I'm def overthinking, that's basically my way (it's a joy for my wife). I'm actually asking just to understand since I've never done this, but as well I have a friend going thru the same thinking process and he has an MDX that would be right at the payload and tongue weight limits with one...
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    Towing with your CX-9

    Follow up Q, as I'm a total newb to all this. Making up numbers. Say I am at the limit of a vehicles payload, so I need to move gear to the trailer. Say 500 lb of gear (it wont be that much but just say). I'm still well under the trailer payload (700 lb under even with full water tank). Well...
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    Towing with your CX-9

    Hi, so am I understanding this right...if a cx9 can tow 3500 lb, the max tongue weight is 350 lb?
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    RUMOUR: New CX-9 (possibly CX-90) destined for release in 2024

    Yup, and Edge, Murano or Passport would suit me ok if the first 2 could handle or the third had a decent interior. Now, not to overthink, but since the CX90 is moving a bit upmarket, maybe the CX70 sits just above these 3 vehicles mentioned? I would pay a few grand over their topline price to...
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    RUMOUR: New CX-9 (possibly CX-90) destined for release in 2024

    I'd be very keen to see how the 70 turns out. I don't actually need the 7 seats I have now in the CX9 so anything prob over my limit. The 9 is manageable of course, but is it ideal for me? A bit big already. My prob was felt the CX5 was small, so perhaps my "just right" problem will...
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    What made you buy a CX-9?

    We had initially looked at Muranos, but the drive was blah. Have a CRV, wanted something a bit upmarket. Not necessarily a 7 seater, but the CX5 just seemed a bit tighter than I'd like (despite just one kid and one small dog). We live in the burbs so the size isn't an issue, but had we still...
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    Impressions of the CX-50

    Hmm, I'd no idea. I usually hit C and D first, and they adore Mazda. Including the CX50. They didn't mention the wandering. I'll look more into the MT bias, I'm interested now.
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    Impressions of the CX-50

    Not sure this MT review has been posted yet, but I was surprised at the amount of criticisms. I'd come to love the looks, sounds like it handles great (I like that despite it being a crossover), I don't mind the big dimensions vs small cargo compromises, but the review really doesn't hold back...
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    Mazda Announces Pricing and Packaging for 2023 CX-50

    Is it just me, or are they saying 3 people ok sleeping on top? Did they mean on the roof?
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    New love for Auto Folding Mirrors

    Yup, and I'm the type that will need to check 3 hrs later, so now it's just visual. I also have a narrow garage, so that few inches of room helps. Dreading the day they possibly jam.
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    Poll Based on looks alone - CX-50 or CX-5

    I sort of feel the same way, if a second car. I voted CX5 but then changed to 50. It's close for me. But then I read the OPs post again, and just on looks, if it's the version with the slim spoke wheels and a darker colour to hide the cladding a bit such as the blue one being posted in this...
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    CX-5 vs CX-50 suspension

    Few yrs back, was considering a Mazda 6 but was unsure. Before second test drive, warned him I'm having doubts specifically around cornering and needed to push it to be sure. He had no problem, unfortunately needed to sit in back as my wife was with me. I pushed it hard, he very nicely sat in...
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    Mazda CX-50 announced

    I find the vent in the dash odd, maybe it's the pic angle but it being off centre might seem odd. Small thing but it had me looking at the pic for a few secs. I'd usually prefer my vehicles pretty rather than rugged, but having said that, nothing for me here is offensive or a deal breaker...