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    Inner driver's side tire wear

    Looks like I went back to front instead of front to back same side. Same with the others that go diagonally. That shouldn't make too much difference if I do it the same each time.
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    Inner driver's side tire wear

    Hi all, Rotated the tires on the 16 GT and noticed excess wear on the inside of the driver's side tire. The other three tires appeared to wear evenly. Aside from taking it to an alignment place is there anything I can do to alleviate the uneven wear problem? Tires get rotated (by me) every 5000...
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    Rear brake pads replaced 2016 GT

    Even though there was some life remaining on the rear pads, I decided to replace them at 70600 miles. Put the car in Service Mode, heard the little motor on the E-brake spin, and figured I was ready to go. The dash light indicating a brake issue lit up (okay) but the message the car was in...
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    What cleaning/maintenance products do you use?

    I cannot abide brown bloom on tires. It comes from, I believe, a compound which allows the tire to be freed from the mold. It works its way to the surface. I keep the sidewalls jet black by thoroughly cleaning and applying Tire Armor, or vinyl, rubber, and trim product.
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    What cleaning/maintenance products do you use?

    Another thing I do is use an air cannon to assist in drying. Pressurized, filtered air blows nearly all remaining water away (not much because I have excessive beading of water) so there is very limited touching of the finish with a towel. Less chance to induce swirls or micro-scratches if you...
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    Pleased with front brake pads

    I've looked at the TSB. No discoloration of rotor on either side. I don't believe the brakes are dragging. Maybe I just got lucky.
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    Pleased with front brake pads

    Checked rear pads today. Driver's side 5mm remaining inboard and outboard. Passenger's side 6mm inboard and outboard. Rotors appear fine, unscored and smooth. I've still got some time, but I'll change them pretty soon.
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    What cleaning/maintenance products do you use?

    I use mainly Adam's Polishes products. US made in Colorado, something for everything you want to do to your car. I've only found one product of theirs I don't care for (can't remember what it is). Wash, clay, wax/seal, remove swirls, etc., etc...
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    2013~2016 Center console won’t stay closed

    Mine did the same and it was repaired under warranty three years ago. Little latch broke.
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    Pleased with front brake pads

    I am planning on checking the rears on Friday.
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    Pleased with front brake pads

    Greetings, Bought replacement front brake pads for the 2016 GT, 65000 miles. Upon removal of existing pads found there was still 9mm on outboard pad and 8mm on inboard pad on both sides. Cleaned and re-lubricated touch points and slapped back together. Figured I'd need new pads because I live...
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    Safe Windshield Washer Fluid

    I would hesitate using the Dawn detergent, alcohol, and distilled water. It seems to me that overspray will slowly remove the finish/wax on your hood and leading edge of the roof. It should, however, clean the windshield.
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    New car, winter wash question

    I use Adam's Rinseless wash in the winter when there is no outdoor hose available, due to temperature (I live at 5600 feet). Car gets washed in the garage. The Rinseless Wash provides enough lubrication that scratches and micromarring are avoided, when used properly.
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    Smoother Suspension Possible?

    My 16 CX-5 GT is fairly smooth...I can feel bumps but there is no bouncing.
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    Cargo area storage

    Interesting solution.