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    Fs headgasket success rate???

    after replacing the head gasket I was still not getting enough compression to fire over. so whoever overheated the engine . did a great job. lol... ended up replacing the engine with a jdm 2.0 FS. even came with a cool plastic cover
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    Motor Mounts????

    Has anyone ever tried putting mazda 626 mounts in a protege?? the front and passenger side mounts look like they have the same bolt holes just larger internal rubber and metal.
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    Fs headgasket success rate???

    I'm in the process of changing a headgasket in a 2002 protege dx sedan Compression test before pulling head #1 30. #2 40 #3 30 #4 60. The engine was overheated. After pulling the head, it is clear the gasket gave out Everything else looks good. My question is. Out of all the...