Team Pro5 Roll Call

Mazda 323F BJ 2003 Sport
Tried another couple of night shots tonight for JAE and really happy with the results :D

2003 Mazda Protege5
i want rims with the same offset 16 inch, if my mp5 is not slammed do i still need a fender pull? did you have to fender pull?(gah)
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2003 Mazda Protege5
Hello all at Team Pro5. Recently became a part of the team and got my sticker today. Hope to make my P5 worthy of the Team Pro5 sticker one day haha as I see lots of just absolutely amazing vehicles here at Team Pro5! (im rather envious of some).

Here is my P5, hoping to make it a head-turner one day haha :).

And picture with Pro5 sticker added


RHD Guatemala
Mazda Familia Sport20 BJFW
Hello my friends from pro5 team, this is my Gray Mazda Sport20 jdm from Guatemala central america, hope you like it, and hope i can be part of the team pro5!

Enjoy :D:D
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2003 Protege5
OK, I'm coming on. Really new member here, just getting setup, and I saw the roll call so I'll chime in. I got nothing special, a rescued p5, getting it back up to speed.
Not too much for mods yet, have to see where it goes. Yours are all looking mighty good.
(learning how to embed pics, might or might not work, feeling kinda newbie)


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2002 Mazda Protege5

Current modifications:
-New JVC Headunit
-8" Bazooka Tube
-Pioneer Speakers (rear only)
-Platidipped back bumper thing (forgot name)
-Plastidipped Hood (Middle)
-Drag DR-19 (Supposedly Plastidipped army green)
-Fake Carbon fiber taillights

Future modifications:
-Re-fix rust
-LED Cluster (Green)
-Interior Under glow neon (LED Green)
-Paint rims black
-De-rust and paint calipers Green
-From Lip or complete body kit
-HID Headlights
-Cold Air intake
-Clean everything under the hood
-Thorough clean on inside
-Inner cooler
Future Events?
Don't know of any


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