Mazda6 (2016), P0012 error - How to fix?

Good day

I need your help - expert advice on Mazda 6, 2.5l (2016)!

For a month and a half we have not been able to find the cause of the P0012 error on my auto.
P0012 “A” Camshaft Position - Timing Over-Retarded (Bank 1)

During this time, the "Check engine" light came on 5 times, after a while it went out, now it is on again.

I've visited the official Mazda service. Everything was checked according to the instructions (wires, tags, sensors, oil pressure, etc.) several times - everything is in order, but the reason has not been found. Just in case, I changed several gas stations, but did not give any result.

Mileage is 52000 km only.

Perhaps you have encountered such a problem before, can you please suggest in which direction to continue diagnostics?

Thanks for your assistance!
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How old is your 12V battery?
I have a '16 Mazda6 GT in US.
Have not seen this problem yet.
An old battery with low voltage could play all sorts of tricks on you.

I am assuming your dealer has done whatever they could.
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In your case with high mileage, I would guess the VVT actuator solenoid. Or the cam position sensor (CPS) is going bad. In my case, with only 4000 km, I think the CPS somehow had a momentary glitch. For many, especially older, cars the actuator relies on oil pressure; I noticed that they checked the oil pressure. This is not relevant since it is electric actuation on the intake on these Skyactiv engines.
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Actually oil pressure (i.e. proper flow) can have a relationship to this code, and it's the first thing specified to be checked in a TSB for codes P0015/P0524. Although I do not see any TSBs for P0012, that code is set for a timing issue basically the same as P0015, just the other cam.

One interesting thing about the TSB protocol for P0015 is that there should always be some physical repair made, with one or more parts replaced. The oil strainer is always replaced with a new, 'modified' one, and the oil pump or OCV might be replaced as well, depending on the results of the full diagnosis, and regardless if the oil pressure is good or not.

You're probably not going to have any success getting your dealership to do anything more than what they already did, because they don't have anything from Mazda which will reimburse their time on this, assuming your vehicle is still under powertrain warranty. So I recommend that you open a case with Mazda Corporate, and mention the existing TSB for P0015/P0524. Perhaps Corporate might be willing to do more for you than what the local dealer can do on their own.
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Thanks for your reply, Edmaz! Dealer service checked according to protocol several times already. Oil pressure was chcecked as well. Unfortunatelly reason is still not found for the moment..
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2020 CX-5 AWD
The protocol I was referring to is the one for the P0015/P0524 TSB, however there is no corresponding TSB (yet) for P0012. So they were just doing normal diagnosis, typical for that code, which means this dealership has done as much as they can do on their own.

So, as I already mentioned above, your only remaining option at this point is to contact Mazda Corporate and open a case with them. Provide the details of your problem, and also reference the TSB posted below.
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Yes but P0015 is for the exhaust, which uses oil pressure. P0012 has nothing to do with oil pressure on the intake side. On the Skyactiv, the intake side uses electrical actuation and the exhaust uses hydraulic actuation (oil pressure). So following the above line of investigation re OSV, etc. is not a useful course of action. Here are the components in question: Or the CPS, which, for example, Ceric believes is the typical cause for P0012 on the Mazda. Changing the CPS is a simple DIY job. It is just one bolt to remove. Check the above website for instructions and make sure that you remove intake sensor. It seems that Mazda calls it CMP rather than CPS. The latter could refer to Crankshaft PS and it causes confusion. The CMP sensor runs about $60 from Mazda in the US from a "discount" dealer like I should add that the CMP sensor has its own error code, but I think that pertains to total failure. The theory here is some type of intermittent failure. Someone else countered that the CMP sensor either works or does not, usually; I don't know. Here are the instructions to test the CMP; you would need an oscilloscope. Note the comment about metal shavings debris; if you see that then remove it and clean it.
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