Impact Wrench Gun Suggestions

CHRIS_TOP_HER...I notice you show a '15 CX-5 Miata AWD. Is that a special model only available to a Moderator or do you own both a CX-5 and Miata?
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I rotate tires on my 3 vehicles and have never owned or used an impact wrench, just a six point socket that fits the lug nuts and a 30" breaker bar. Most important is to use a torque wrench when tightening the lug nuts. The last time I had tires rotated at a tire shop the monkey used an impact wrench on the lugs and some were on so tight that I couldn't loosen them with the breaker bar, had to take the car back to the shop to break them free. You can use something called a torque stick with impact wrenches to ensure correct torque, highly suggested if you decide to use an impact wrench.
I bought torque sticks, but never use them. The impact wrench makes taking off the lug nuts much faster, and you don't have to remember to crack them loose before jacking up the car. I thread then nuts on several turns, and then gently and quickly snug them with the impact wrench. Once back on the ground I torque them to 100 lbf⋅ft . If any of them don't turn before reaching 100, I back them off and retorque in a star pattern. That rarely happens since I'm used to my impact wrench.

I think the only use for a torque stick would be to make that process more fool-proof. They aren't consistent and accurate enough to be an all in one step deal, and they aren't good for breaking loose nuts.

I use the Milwaukee 18volt medium with the release pin. I think I'd prefer a friction ring, but otherwise its great for my needs.
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Here's the one I bought several years ago...has been very reliable with no problems/issues whenever I needed to use it. Of course, I put a few drops of pneumatic tool oil after each use. I bought it on sale and stacked a 20% off coupon...IIRC was about $59.99.

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I got the milwaukee m18 high torque impact gun. I use it for more than just removing lugnuts, I also used it for changing my suspension, etc.

Whatever you invest, check to see how much torque it has. Never to tighten, no issue with loosen.


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I use a Ryobi. I use the highest setting to losen the nuts and the lightest setting to put them back on then use a torque wrench for the final tightening.
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I got a good deal on ebay for a HF cordless earthquake torque wrench, it didn't have a box but seller said it was never used. It has a lot of umph but it's heavy. It easily zips off lug nuts. It might be worth snooping around ebay for deals.

I would like to get a 90 degree cordless ratchet, but only if I found one cheap because I really don't need one.